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A Demonstartion Of How Small We Really Are
Concept Media Wish List Collaboration


We are seeking the following items:

  • 12 volt or 24 volt battery chargers (minimum 5 amps) for use on the playa.

  • Green sheet latex suitable for stretching over a semi-rigid frame. 1-2 yards needed. If you know how to work with latex and can help, all the better!

  • People who would be willing to haul a battery or two (each weighing ~50 lbs), a 2 ft. metal orb or two, and/or other various project items out to the playa. Some materials need a round-trip ticket, and some only need a one-way ticket.

  • Discmans and small powered speakers. These can be returned post-playa and will be protected from the weather.

  • 2x4, 2x3, or 2x2 lengths of wood, minimum 10 ft. each. These will be burned on the playa, unless you're *really* sentimentally attached to them. ;)

  • A shovel and a metal bucket to clean up ashes. Will be returned after Burning Man.

  • Firewood to power the sun. We will PARTICULARLY love you if you bring it out yourself! :D

  • Colored gels. Small sizes (several inches square) in various colors.

The project is being constructed in the San Francisco area (specifically Oakland/Berkeley). For larger items, we can pick up/drop off anywhere in the bay area. If you're outside this region but have smaller items to contribute, please let us know! We can cover shipping costs if necessary.