1:2.7 Billion
A Demonstartion Of How Small We Really Are
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Each planet will be housed in a separate installation with its own original soundtrack, running 24 hours a day. The planet models themselves are so tiny that many of them would blow away in the wind, and must be contained within a transparent vessel of some sort. We are seeking the assistance of composers, musicians and glass artists in helping to create these installations.

Glass Artists

We are hoping to find anywhere from one to nine experienced glass artists who have an interest in contributing to the project. Each model will be held in a small glass container, suspended within a metal housing. The container should fully enclose the model, while allowing it to be seen clearly. At night each planet model will be illuminated with a small directional light approximating the light of the sun.

The planet models themselves will be small steel spheres, and will be sized as follows:

Model Diameter
1.7 mm
4.4 mm
4.6 mm
2.4 mm
50.9 mm
42.4 mm
17.1 mm
16.5 mm
0.8 mm


Aside from spatial constraints, we have no preconceptions about the design of these vessels. If you are interested in contributing to the project, we'd love to have your help! If you have a particular planet you would like to design for, please let us know as soon as possible. For more information or to volunteer to help out, please email info@2point7.org.


Each installation will contain a small sound system. We invite composers and musicians to help provide each planet with its own unique soundtrack. The sound systems will operate at all times during the event, allowing for up to 168 hours of music for each planet.

The requirements for musical contributions are very simple: all submitted compositions must be original, and must be in digital format (.mp3, .aiff, .wav, etc.). As far as the theme and style of the music, that's entirely up to you! We are purposefully leaving the invitation open to encourage composition in any style.

If you would like more information to help inspire your compositions, we will be happy to provide research about any and all planets to help guide you.

With permission from the artists involved, all musical compositions will be made freely available on the 1:2.7B website immediately after the Man burns in 2004.

If you would like to contribute music to this project, please email info@2point7.org.

Mailing List

If you are interested in participating in this project, please sign up for our email list. We will use this list to discuss the project, keep you up to date about its progress, share planet research, and coordinate collaboration efforts. Posting is open to all list members. To subscribe, send email to 2point7-request@lists.sonic.net with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.